Frequently Asked Questions

Cancellation policy

We understand that sometimes plans don’t work out! Please inform us immediately by emailing or calling us directly to cancel your reservation. We offer a full refund of your deposit 2 months prior to your departure date. If we cancelled your charter due to unforeseen weather circumstances we will refund you in full or reschedule your charter at the next available date.


Who will drive & handle the boat?

We only utilize US Coast Guard certified captains, licensed to operate commercial vessels of this class. If you want to bring you own certified captain, please contact us to inquire about our requirements.


What is included?

  • Bottled Water
  • Ice / coolers
  • Mixers / sodas
  • Paper goods
  • Serving Plates
  • Utensils
  • Cups
  • Towels
  • Use of kitchen / fridge
  • High Quality Stereo system
  • US Coast Guard Certified Captain + Deckhand

NOTE: Alcohol and Food are NOT included. Bring your own or we can arrange it with third party catering services.


Does the weather get cold?

Throughout the entire boat there is a heating and air conditioning system. During the winter months the boats interior space is large enough to accommodate the whole group. However with warm jackets the outside area remains enjoyable even in the coldest months! Be sure to pack a variety of clothing based upon weather forecasts, we always recommend a jacket or windbreaker to use while the boat is underway (moving) or during evening / nighttime hours.


Is there an age requirement to be on the boat?

There is no age requirement to enjoy Summer Vibe, however kids under 12 are required to wear life jackets. One will be provided or you may bring your own.


Whats the boat capacity?

We are excited to soon be receiving our charter license for up to 49 people! In the meantime, we can accommodate groups up to 14 πŸ™‚


Who plays the music?

Play your own tunes, or we can put on some great playlists for you! You can also hire a DJ. We have an excellent surround sound stereo system and plug/play capability for DJs!


How long can I reserve the yacht for?

We require a minimum of 3 hours but you can reserve Summer Vibe for the entire day and evening if you wish! We recommend at least 4 hour cruises since a portion of the charter is spent en route to and from the pickup port/dock during departure & arrival.


Will I get sea sick?

We stay in the San Diego bay protected waters so getting seasick is not usually an issue. We recommend taking a seasickness patch/pill 1 hour prior to boarding if you are extra susceptible to seasickness We also have motion sickness medicine onboard if needed.


What happens during an emergency?

Our captain & deckhand are first aid / CPR trained in the event of an emergency. We have a first aid kit onboard, as well as additional life saving equipment & flotation devices should someone fall overboard while underway (vessel moving). We also have communication devices (such as VHF radio) onboard to communicate directly with the local Coast Guard, Harbor Patrol, and emergency rescue services should we require assistance while on the water. If necessary, we can return to port or to the nearest port/dock/land in order to address any emergency situations.

Max Altergott

Summer Vibe – Owner

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